Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing Automation




At SDA, our team follows a very thorough automation design process, shown in the figure above. This process ensures that our clients receive the best possible solution for their needs. In addition,  analysis of existing manufacturing process can reveal areas of improvement. 


Our experienced engineering staff can offer following services:

Smart Vision Integration


Smart Vision Manufacturing Automation Solutions

SDA offers smart vision solutions for manufacturing applications. Smart vision solutions can be integrated into existing manufacturing processes to improve quality assurance and process control. Human verification is prone to error, conversely automation systems can isolate anomalies using pattern recognition efficiently. Additional applications include barcode scanning for manufacturing lines to improve traceability.






Part Marking


Laser Part Etching Manufacturing AutomationSDA offers turnkey solutions for part marking through laser etching and dot peen technology. Moreover, these solutions can be integrated into existing manufacturing line processes.








Control System Design


Controls System Engineering Design Manufacturing AutomationSDA offers design of control systems using actuators, motors, sensors and PLCs. These solutions can help optimize your manufacturing operations by improving the efficiency, traceability and accuracy of the processes.








Swift Design Automation (SDA) is based off in Mississauga, ON serving the Greater Toronto Area. SDA offers the Mechanical and Electrical Design services that includes Finite Element Analysis, PCB Design & Drafting, Smart Vision Integration, and Control Systems Design. SDA also offers turnkey automation solutions, jig/custom tooling design and manufacturing automation.

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