Fabrication Services

SDA has vast network of machining and fabrication facilities, which allows us to offer quality product at competitive prices to our customers. Just send us a 3D model or 2D drawings of the parts and allow us to take care of the rest.


SDA can provide you with the following fabrication services:

Milling & Lathe


Lathe MachineMilling & lathe machines are used to remove metal using cutting tools. We can machine parts out of metal and plastic. For high precision parts our CNC milling & lathes can provide precision of up to 0.001” (30 microns).









Bending Machines


BendingBending machines are used to fabricate parts from a single piece of sheet (metal or plastic). Precise parts can be made without welding.









Water-Jet cutting


water jetA very high-pressure jet of water is used to cut profiles from a sheet precisely. A cost effective way to fabricate parts from sheets up to 1.5” thick.









Laser Jet cutting


Laser CuttingUses a high power laser to cut hard materials with precision.











weldingWe use various kinds of welding including MIG, TIG & Arc Welding to fabricate parts as per the customer requirements.










3D Printing


3D Printing3D printing of models in plastic, rubber, metal & various materials.









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