Engineering Design

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Design

Engineering Design


At SDA, our team follows a very thorough engineering design process as shown below. This ensures that our clients receive the best possible solution for their needs. Identifying root cause through problem analysis is crucial at SDA. Following this process, our team understands the opportunity at hand and derives the best suited solution for our clients.


Our experienced engineering staff can offer following services:


Mechanical Design & Drafting


Mechanical Engineering DesignSDA’s professional and experienced mechanical designers can asses the needs of your project as outlined in SDA’s five pillars of design process. Our designers can provide 3D modelling of parts and 2D drafting in CAD software including Solid Works, NX Unigraphics & Auto Cad. Drawings can be P.Eng approved as per requirements.










Finite Element AnalysisSDA offers Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on 3D models for design validation and stress analysis an important aspect in Engineering Design. The software employed by our professionals uses the displacement formulation of the finite element method to calculate components displacements, strains and stresses under internal and external loads.







Electrical Engineering Design


Electrical Engineering DesignSDA offers electrical engineering design solutions, including circuit design, electrical drawings, PCB design and turnkey test solutions. Drawings can be P.Eng approved as per requirements.






Swift Design Automation (SDA) is based off in Mississauga, ON serving the Greater Toronto Area. SDA offers the Mechanical and Electrical Design services that includes Finite Element Analysis, PCB Design & Drafting, Smart Vision Integration, and Control Systems Design. SDA also offers turnkey automation solutions, jig/custom tooling design and manufacturing system optimization.

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